Thank you for choosing Dharma Pharmaceuticals as your dispensary of choice. We’re happy you’re here. We’ve designed our dispensary with you in mind!

Dharma Pharmaceuticals is a locally owned company based in Bristol, Virginia, and is committed to bringing high quality cannabis oil products to Virginia’s patients. With deep ties to southwest Virginia, we are proud to provide medical cannabis to Virginians seeking these new treatments.

Compassionate and knowledgeable staff: Our patient care advocates are available to offer you the most up to date product information in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Pharmacist Availability: It is our promise to provide you the opportunity to meet with a Pharmacist in a confidential setting. We can help you develop a treatment plan and provide you with information to track your results.

What to Expect on your first visit to Dharma

Only Registered patients, parents, legal guardians, and registered agents may be admitted.

Arrangements for children must be made ahead of your arrival, as they cannot be admitted.

  1. Please remember to follow proper Covid-19 protocols.
  2. We will be limiting the number of patients in the dispensary for safety.
  3. Follow the signs to parking area in front of dispensary, enter through the left side doors. Once inside the foyer, you must have 3 pieces of documentation:
    1. your registration card for the Virginia Board of Pharmacy,
    2. your valid Virginia ID,
    3. and the letter of certification from your physician. Please ensure these documents are in date. There is a template on the table. Align the three documents within it. We will take an image of your documents. Once imagining is complete and verified, you will be admitted.
  4. Once inside, your information will be confirmed or collected. If your assessment has not been completed, it will be completed at this point.
  5. Dharma staff will direct you to the proper area. Someone will be in to meet with you shortly. During this discussion, you may work with the pharmacist to ensure proper product selection.
  6. Our dispensary staff will promptly work on filling your order requests, and you will be called to the pickup window by the last four digits of your registration card.
  7. The cashier will collect payment and hand you the order.

  8. *** Please remember by law, cannabis cannot be consumed on site.***

Now that you know a little bit about us, help us get to know you!